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Safeguard your art with Storage Shield

Are you concerned about the safety of your valuable art and antiques in self storage? The majority of self storage properties have top-notch security measures in place. With video monitoring, electronic gates, and secure perimeter fencing, you can rest assured that your items are safe. Some facilities have Bluetooth access, providing an extra level of protection.

In any case, unforeseen events still occur. Whether it’s a natural disaster or an accident, you need to be prepared. Your best option is to protect your treasures with a tenant protection plan.

Having an additional layer of protection with a Storage Shield tenant protection plan is reassuring. A self storage tenant protection plan is not the same as an insurance policy. It is a contractual agreement between a self storage facility and the tenant. The self storage facility assumes limited responsibility for a tenant’s stored belongings as long as they are in a locked unit.

Our tenant protection plan offers peace of mind against the risk of catastrophic loss. Whether it’s an unforeseen accident or a natural disaster, we’ve got you covered. Our reliable and customer-focused service ensures that your belongings are protected. Don’t leave the safety of your valuable items to chance. Choose our tenant protection plan and store your art and antiques with confidence.

Valuable Art can be protected with tenant protection plan

Prepare Your Valuables for Safe Storage

Climate-Controlled Self Storage is a Must
Opt for a facility that offers climate-controlled units for your art and antiques. Climate-controlled storage keeps a unit’s indoor temperature between 55° and 85° F. It maintains a humidity level of 55%. As a comparison, the average air-conditioned home stays between 35%-45% humidity.

Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause mold and mildew. A climate-controlled unit will provide a stable environment for your belongings.

Now that you’ve leased a climate-controlled self storage unit, it’s time to prep your items.

Thoroughly Clean Your Artwork and Antiques

Clean your pieces thoroughly. This will remove any dust or debris that could cause damage over time. Additionally, consider applying a coat of protective wax to paintings and furniture to guard against moisture.

Prepare Your Art and Antiques For Storage
Here are several key tips on how to store valuables in self storage.

  • Document each piece. Fine art and antiques should be documented so that you can keep track of the pieces in storage. You should create a detailed description of each item, including photos and videos. Keep this information in a safe place.
  • Insure your items. Purchasing insurance for your treasures before placing them inside a storage unit is highly advisable. You will be protected from loss in case of theft or damage.
  • Reduce the risk of loss with a tenant protection plan. A tenant protection plan will cover the cost of your valuables up to the dollar amount you choose.
  • Use protective covering. Don’t skimp on quality materials. Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap paintings and sculptures, and invest in sturdy, art storage boxes for smaller pieces. Use furniture covers, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts to protect antiques. For larger items, such as framed paintings, use adjustable picture boxes to provide ample protection. Never use plastic as it can cause condensation and damage.

Organize Your Stored Art and Antiques

Now that you’re finished documenting and packing your artwork, it’s time to place it properly inside the storage unit.

  • Keep items off the floor. Raise all stored items with pallets and shelving. Anything on the floor is vulnerable to pests and dampness.
  • Use acid-free boards. Before placing art portfolios and art papers in drawers, use acid-free boards.
  • Store small items vertically. Small papers and canvases can be stored vertically on shelves.
  • Use vertical shelving for large canvases and mirrors. Vertical shelving will protect canvases, mirrors, and large paintings from accidents.
    Check Your Items Regularly
    It’s essential to check your stored items regularly. Schedule planned visits to your self-storage unit. You can check to be sure that your belongings are still in pristine condition. If you discover any problems, they can be addressed promptly. Necessary repairs or adjustments can be made before there is further damage.

Storing valuable art in a self-storage unit doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. By choosing the right unit, properly preparing and packaging your treasures, and investing in a tenant protection plan, you can ensure your precious pieces stay safe. When you’re ready to showcase them again, they will be in perfect condition.