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Coverage Details

A tenant protection plan is not insurance. It is a contract between the self-storage facility and you, with the facility assuming limited responsibility for your belongings while they are stored in a locked unit. In other words, self-storage operators agree to pay tenants you for damages to your belongings up to a specified dollar amount.

  • Storage Shield pays replacement costs for your damaged or stolen property.
  • Storage Shield has no deductible.
  • Storage Shield takes responsibility in the event of theft of your belongings.
  • Storage Shield takes responsibility for water damage in the event of windstorm, roof leak, or broken pipes that damage your belongings.
  • Storage Shield takes responsibility for your household and commercial goods.
  • Storage Shield takes responsibility for fire and smoke damage to your belongings.
  • Storage Shield covers your document re-creation and reimbursement.
  • Storage Shield protects your cars, RVs, and boats in indoor units.
  • Storage Shield covers rodent/insect infestation damage up to $500.
  • Storage Shield conveniently collects fees along with your monthly rent.
  • Storage Shield offers many plan options: *
    • $1,500
    • $2,000
    • $2,500
    • $3,000
    • $3,500
    • $5,000
    • $5,500
    • $10,000


*  – pricing and levels of coverage may vary by location.

Available protection plans









Protects against fire, water damage and much more!

Have the protection you need when the unexpected strikes

Storage unit protection against explosions
Storage unit insurance against fire damage
Storage unit insurance against theft and burglary
Storage unit insurance against water leaks
Storage unit insurance against building collapses
Storage unit insurance against lighting
Storage unit insurance against wind damage
Storage unit insurance against vandilsm

Losses from the following are covered:

  • Theft due to forcible entry
  • Fire, smoke, lightning, or explosion
  • Windstorms
  • Water damage from a leaking roof or broken pipe (up to protection plan limits)
  • Furs, antiques, works of art, and consumer electronics

Certain protection plans also cover:

  • Cars, boats, jet skis, RVs, motorcycles, and quads stored inside units
  • Document re-creation costs (up to protection plan limits)
  • Moth, insect, rodent, or vermin damage up to $500
  • Jewelry up to $500

Be sure to consult your insurance agent, and discuss your options with the manager of the facility where you choose to store your belongings.