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Self Storage Tenant Protection Plans

Self-storage facilities provide a convenient way to store your belongings in a secure environment. However, even with the most secure facility, there is always the possibility of accidents or damage occurring. This is why self-storage tenant protection plans are such an important tool for both tenants and owners.

These plans provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind for both parties. Both the tenant and the owner are covered in the event of a mishap. With self-storage tenant protection plans, owners can rest assured that any damages to their property will be covered. In the same way, tenants can be confident that their belongings will remain safe and secure.

Tenant Protection Plan


Benefits for Tenants

  • These plans provide tenants with peace of mind knowing that their belongings are protected from potential damages. This is especially important for tenants who are storing valuable or sentimental items.
  • Tenant protection plans can help tenants avoid costly repairs or replacements. If a tenant’s belongings are damaged due to an accident or mishap, the plan will often cover the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Tenants will be reimbursed at replacement cost, up to a specified dollar amount, for damaged or stolen property (clothing and household linens are subject to depreciation). There are no deductibles.
  • Plan ranging in price to fit your requirements and budget.
  • It’s easy to file a claim. The staff will help collect the relevant information, assist with the appropriate forms, and provide assistance throughout the process
  • A Storage Shield tenant protection plan will reimburse the cost of replacing lost or stolen inventory, up to the chosen amount.
  • If vital documents are damaged in any way, whether through fire, smoke, or water, they can be replaced or recreated.
  • Theft is something to be mindful of, even if the storage facility is well-maintained and secure. Insurance generally covers theft, but a tenant protection plan will offer a further level of reimbursement without any deductibles.
  • Boats, RVs, and other vehicles are covered if they are stored in indoor units.

Tips for Tenants to Protect Their Belongings

In addition to purchasing a self-storage tenant protection plan, there are several steps tenants can take to protect their belongings.

First, tenants should ensure that their belongings are properly packed and stored. This can help prevent damage due to shifting or falling items. Tenants should consider taking out additional insurance if they are storing particularly valuable items.

Another important step tenants can take is to inspect their storage units regularly. This can help to identify any potential damages or issues that may need to be addressed.

Benefits for Owners

  • Self-storage tenant protection plans benefit owners by providing them with additional security. These plans can help owners protect their tenants’ property from potential damage or theft.
  • Tenant protection plans can help owners protect their reputations. If a tenant is unhappy with their storage facility, the tenant protection plan can provide legal protection for the owner in the event of a dispute. This can help owners maintain a positive reputation.
  • These plans can help owners attract and retain tenants. By offering a tenant protection plan, owners can demonstrate that they value the security of their tenants’ belongings. This can help owners attract and retain tenants. Most tenants will be more likely to stay with a facility that values their security.

Tips for Owners to Ensure Tenants are Covered

In addition to offering a tenant protection plan, there are several steps owners can take to ensure that their tenants are adequately covered.

Owners should ensure that their tenant protection plan is up-to-date and offers the coverage their tenants require. Additionally, owners should make sure that their tenants are aware of the plan and understand its terms and conditions.

Owners can help to prevent accidents and damages by regularly inspecting their facilities and maintaining safety standards and regulations.


Self-storage tenant protection plans provide an important layer of security for both tenants and owners. These plans can help tenants protect their belongings from potential damages or theft, while also providing owners with additional security.